Boating Holiday on The Broads National park in East Anglia

Boating holidays in East Anglia

Book a boating holiday in East Anglia and wake up on the water

Imagine whole days on a Broads boating holiday - Waking up on the water. A quick stretch, then pop up on deck and breathe in the fresh air. Taking it in turns to steer, sunbathing on deck and mooring up wherever takes your fancy. Peaceful evenings with a glass of wine on board and a delicious meal in one of many riverside pubs and restaurants. Then the peaceful rocking of the boat lulling you once again into a gentle night's sleep.

Book your boating holiday and explore East Anglia with some of the most pituresque towns and villages in the UK. Or just sit back, enjoy the view and see where the water takes you. Boating holidays are a world in themselves!

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