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Breckland Landscape and Heritage Tours

Join Breckland Landscape and Heritage Tours to explore the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside and discover the secrets of the past?


Are you looking for a day out with a difference? Would you like to explore the countryside of Norfolk and Suffolk, discovering how the landscape was formed? If the answer is yes to either of these questions the Breckland Landscape and Heritage Tours are just what you are looking for.

“Our safari with you last summer was certainly a highlight of the vacation”

Your tour will explore the ruined castles, churches, warren lodges and ancient heaths that make this region of Norfolk and Suffolk unique.

Starting and finishing at Elveden village, you’ll travel with your guide in a fully licensed Land Rover Defender and follow a route through the core of Breckland’s rich and diverse heritage.

”There was something for everyone. Beautiful nature, history, ruins and the stories about the war”
From WW1 tank testing to medieval rabbit farming, your day will unlock the landscape’s most fascinating stories.

“Not your ‘typical tourist adventure’”
Each tour lasts 6-7 hours

Breckland Landscape and Heritage Tours
Elveden Estate Shops & Restaurant
London Road
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