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Cley Spy

The Cley Spy story began back in August 2001. Even way back then, we knew we had something special. Norfolk is one of the best counties in the UK for birdwatching and Cley is one of the best places to see birds in Norfolk. We have some of the largest uninterrupted reedbeds and bracken marshlands in the UK on our doorstep, attracting millions of birds season to season. Yet before Cley Spy, there was nowhere to buy decent binoculars and telescopes for miles around.

Opening Times

A disused farm surrounded by breathtaking countryside gave us the opportunity to convert an old grain barn in Glandford into the largest optical showroom in Europe. This was the perfect place for birdwatchers to stop and test optical equipment on their way to the popular birding spots like Cley Marshes, Norfolk Broads or The Wash.

Funnily enough, with some of the best places for birdwatching right on our doorstep, the first pair of binoculars we ever sold was to an architect, who needed to inspect his riverside buildings from the comfort of a boat. The second pair was to a gentleman interested in intricate cathedral carvings who needed bright binoculars to see up into the eaves of Norwich Cathedral.

At Cley Spy, we love to meet all our customers and really get a sense of what you need your equipment for, this way we can give you the best advice and help you choose the best optics for your needs (birdwatching or not).

Since the beginning, Cley Spy has been governed by simple philosophies. The cornerstone of which is to treat people how we would want to be treated. No fuss, no sales goals, just honest advice and courteous service, no matter what you’re looking for.

Nobody likes snooty sales people whose only objective is to sell you something (anything). Nobody likes to be pushed into a hurried decision only to buy the wrong thing at the wrong price. At Cley Spy, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service and our team gives you as much attention as you like, whether your budget is £15 or £1500. We believe that whatever your budget or level of optics expertise, everybody deserves the same amount of time and attention.

Since those early days, we have moved into our very own purpose-built building at the top-end of the old farm. Cley Spy is still the largest optical showroom in Europe, but now we have enough space for a wild meadow and wild pond with hides along the edge. We are nestled in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside, amongst blooming plants and wildlife, proud to call this special place home. The shop is positioned at the beginning of a beautiful walk through the countryside, giving you a great place to test your optics in ‘real world’ conditions. To find out more about our wild meadow and the walks you can take from Cley Spy,

Opening Times

Monday – Sundays and Bank Holidays: 10.00am to 4.00pm