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Halesworth Millennium Green

The Halesworth Millennium Green was created from 44 acres of grazing marsh close to the town centre.


The object was to provide and maintain an open space to be used forever as an area for leisure and enjoyment where people can enjoy nature and wildlife at first hand.

The Millennium Green is composed of four meadows in the flood plain of the Blyth Special Landscape Area and the Suffolk River Valleys Environmentally Sensitive Area.

The first two meadows lie between the main line railway and the Town River and are intersected by the New Reach, a canal dug as part of the Blyth River Navigation in 1761 to bring wherries from Blythburgh to the town Quay.

The site is permanent grassland subject to periodic winter flooding and grazed by cattle in summer. There are many fine trees, including alder and willow.

Water voles are still to be seen and otters frequently pass through. The barn owl hunts over the meadows at dusk, and the kingfisher and grey wagtail breed on the waterways.

Halesworth Millennium Green
Halesworth Millennium Green Trust
24 Bungay Road
IP19 8HW