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IBTC & Newsons Yard

The IBTC was founded 35yrs ago & is generally held as the premier boatbuilding school in the country. See around 40 students working on over 20 different wooden boats.


The International Boatbuilding Training College (IBTC) has for 35yrs been training people of all ages and abilities in the skills and techniques required to build and restore traditional wooden boats. Many of our students are those who having built a first career behind a desk and computer screen, now choose a second career building with their own hands beautiful and practical objects in wood, namely wooden boats!

A visit to the IBTC will take you through the life of a student as they spend a year with us. See them learning their basic joinery skills and then watch them from a walkway over the boats as they apply their new skills to our wide range of boats. There are always other projects on the go, we have