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Norwich Film Festival

Get ready for a ten-day feast of watching thought-provoking, surprising and beautiful films! Norwich Film Festival welcomes you and yours to its largest ever line-up of 133 short films! Tickets for the event are on sale now with films from 21 countries, including from the UK (and East Anglia). They will be screening at The Forum, The Garage and online, from Friday 12 to Sunday 21 November 2021 (online until 30 Nov.). Prices from £3. Make a day of it with friends and family, catch up on their stories and enjoy a long-awaited cinematic experience!


Olivia Colman, Oscar winning actress and Norwich Film Festival patron, said: “Film festivals are great to absorb different ways of filmmaking, storytelling and performances in a short period. It’s an exhilarating experience, like being in a sweetshop where you want to try every variety – and here in Norwich you can. “I’m thrilled that we have so many talented filmmakers from across the world who have dug deep to show meaningful and entertaining work.”

Stephen Fry, actor, writer and Norwich Film Festival patron, said: “Watching a film is like a journey to someone’s soul; unique exposure to cultures, personal stories and incredible imagination. “We celebrate the opportunity to see films again as an outing with close ones during Norwich Film Festival. Revel in the creativity and shared experiences.”