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NWT Syderstone Common

Syderstone Common is a wonderful area of grass heath, punctuated with ephemeral ponds, and surrounded by secondary woodland.

Opening Times

The site is excellent for reptiles and amphibians, with seven species recorded. Woodlark occasionally breed, and other notable breeding birds include lesser whitethroat.

Natterjack toad
Now largely restricted to coastal sand dunes, Syderstone is one of the few examples of inland sites in the country
for the rare natterjack toad. Smaller than the common toad, the natterjack has a thin yellow stripe along its back. In large numbers, the male’s far-carrying mating call can be heard from up to 2km (1.25 miles) away on spring and early summer evenings. Please note that natterjacks and their habitat are highly protected. Disturbance and unlicensed photography are illegal.

In Norfolk, this scarce heathland bird has its stronghold in the Brecks, but a few pairs have nested on Syderstone Common.

Syderstone Common is 0.8km (0.5 miles) south of Syderstone village along Mill Lane. There are car parks adjacent to Syderstone Business Park and along the B1454. The main car park is to the east.

Seasonal highlights

Birds – Marsh tit, linnet
Plants – Common lousewort
Insects – Small copper
Reptiles and amphibians – Great crested newt, smooth newt, adder, natterjack toad, common lizard

Birds – Linnet, whitethroat, yellowhammer, woodlark
Plants – Common lousewort
Insects – Small copper, ruddy darter, migrant hawker
Reptiles and amphibians – Common lizard, adder

Birds – Linnet
Plants – Western gorse and heather flowering

Birds – Linnet, redpoll, woodcock

Dog policy
Open Access, but walkers must keep dogs on a short lead March-July to avoid disturbance to ground-nesting birds. Outside this period walkers are requested to keep dogs under tight control or on a lead to avoid disturbance to livestock when present.



Opening Times

Dawn till dusk, every day, all year round.

NWT Syderstone Common
Syderstone Road
King's Lynn
PE31 8SE