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Sailing tours and river cruises experience with accommodation, covering the rivers of the Blackwater, Colne and Crouch based in West Mersea.


At seaskipr we pride ourselves on the selection of sailing experiences we offer. A day’s sail revolves around the tides, and so, in most cases, expect a sailing day to start no earlier than 0800 am in the morning with a return after high tide.

Full details of the start and finish times are included within your booking. Our fleet is moored in the fleets or channels that lie between the Mersea Quarters and the waterside around the Mersea Hard. A pick up from the pontoon or a short ferry ride from the hammerhead and you will be on board.

You will have the opportunity to participate with the sailing or just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Each experience centres around particular locations along the Essex coast and our crew will provide all the support you need to make this an enjoyable day.

A sailing day will end around 3 hours after high tide back at the hammerhead unless a multi-day experience has been purchased. In this case, over night stays on board whilst moored are the order of the day. Full details of the sailing packages available may be found on the Book page of our website.

The experience is about sailing, yet there is much to see in this beautiful area. Seals, porpoises, a wide variety of rare birds choose Mersea as a place to live or visit on their migration.

Mersea Island is one of several islands in the area, some inhabited and others just with their natural inhabitants.

Safety is of prime importance, and our skipper’s decision is final with regard to suitability to sail and of course the location for the day’s events if the weather is less than ideal. Full safety briefings are an integral part of the experience as well as any basic guidance required.

There are a selection of journeys available for a wide array of conditions. If we are unable to sail due to really bad weather, then we can offer to re-schedule you and your party on an alternative date.

We also offer holiday accommodation for up to 6 people at our holiday cottage, Brans Estate.

We offer day sailing experiences for up to 5 people. You may charter an entire boat for your party if privacy is required by booking all the available berths for the boat in question.