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St. Andrew’s Church Gorleston

St Andrew’s Church, an open and friendly Anglican Church in the heart of Gorleston.


St Andrew’s church has many architectural features dating back to the Medieval period. With stained glass windows from the Victorian era and church organ dated 1904. The Bacon Brass dating back to 1292 can be seen in the Lady Chapel.

These are exciting times for the life of our building and Church as we embark on a new chapter in its history. Having stood for over 1,000 years our Church has lived through many centuries of change. The present Church is the product of three medieval centuries of building, and throughout the years the flint tower, with its 127 steps climbing to a height of 90ft, has acted as a beacon and watchtower to the local town and ships out at sea. At the start of 2000 a beacon was lit on the top of the tower as a symbol to mark the new millennium.