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SWT Captain’s Wood

An extraordinary, open, cury weed, with roaming fallow deer and great expanses of bluebells.


Captain’s Wood is a most extraordinary wood quite different to any other wood owned by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Unlike the dense thicket of the coppices of Bradfield or Combs Woods, Captain’s Wood has an open airy feel with space between the trees where fallow deer roam through one of the greatest expanses of bluebells in the county.

No one is sure where the name originated. Being close to the coast one might speculate that some wealthy seafaring man once owned it. What we do know though is that over the last 1000 years the wood has passed through the hands of various Bishops, noblemen and moneyed families including in 1550 the Bishop of Norwich, in 1620 Sir Michael Stanhope (Groom to the chamber of Elizabeth 1) and in the late 19th century Sir Richard Wallace. Until the 20th Century the wood was a small part of a much larger estate but the estate was broken up and what remains now is little more than a fragment.