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The California Tavern

The California Tavern in California, Great Yarmouth is a large welcoming public house with parking where you can enjoy good food from an extensive menu, great beverages and live bands on Friday and Saturday nights. Families are welcome.


Around 1800 a migration took place along the coast of East Norfolk by people who had previously worked on the land. These people organised themselves into beach companies’ in order to benefit from the rapidly expanding Yarmouth Herring Industry by earning a living salvaging the many vessels that had come to grief on the maize of sandbanks that lurked just below the surface of the sea. The men became known as ‘beachmen’ .
Around 1840 a group of beachmen from Winterton moved south and established the California settlement which was so named because of Gold coins being found in the cliffs at the time of the California Gold Rush. California had the advantage of a clear view of the sandbanks from Happisburgh to Corton including the sheltered anchorage in Yarmouth where up to 1000 sailing ships would await a favourable wind.