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Walsingham Farms Shop

The first Walsingham Farm Shop was born out of the desire to link Walsingham Estate with its farming tenants following the Curry Report of 2002, produced by the Policy Commission to look in to the future of farming and food.

Opening Times

WE LOVE GREAT FOOD and we want to help others do the same – whether a simple English apple, a local cheese or one of our signature pies. We love to eat and talk about food whenever we get the chance….we admit it, we love what we do.

WE ARE LOCAL AND PROUD OF IT. Based in North Norfolk in the town of Walsingham our approach is to source locally first, providing that the quality is good enough. If we have to, we will spread our net to get the right quality, but will always buy from small independent producers wherever possible.

WE KNOW WHERE OUR FOOD COMES FROM. We know our suppliers, we know where their food is grown, made or reared. We believe in promoting quality food from farms and local suppliers and working with them to improve quality, service and price that delivers value to our customers and a sustainable living for our suppliers.

WE DON’T TAKE OURSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. Amazing ingredients are important, but at the end of the day it’s just food. If there is jargon to be busted we are up for the challenge. We just want everyone to come to us knowing that we will help them enjoy the pleasure of local food and find what they need.

WE WANT TO EARN YOUR TRUST. Of course we want to sell you food, but we also want you to think of us as reliable and keen to listen. We will always be open and honest. If we make a mistake (and we are sure that we will!) we want you to tell us and we will try our best to put it right.

WE WANT TO SPREAD THE WORD THAT LOCAL CAN BE GREAT. We have a lot of stories to tell whether about the joy of seasonal food, our great producers, the benefit of eating local or recipes we have developed.

Opening Times

Sunday, Monday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM