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Wherry Yacht Charter

Enjoy sailing on a traditional wherry yacht. Bookings for up to 12 people for a day, week-end or full week.


Wherry Yacht Charter is a charity caring for four of the last eight wherries in existence, and we invite visitors to join us for both day sailings and free on-board viewings on given days throughout the season. Dates and details are listed individually as events here and on our website.

Step aboard a historic wherry yacht for a glimpse of the way early holidaymakers experienced the Broads. With their sleek white hull, gleaming varnish, cosy cabins and spacious counter stern they point to the refined and stylish origins of holidays afloat. Sail with us and the distinctive clank of the winch and the sight of the huge sail being raised by the crew will create lasting memories of your trip. Enjoy refreshments on board as you slip quietly through the tranquil landscape of Britain’s only wetland national park, and keep your eyes open for wildlife such as otters, kingfishers and marsh harriers. On both sailings and viewings our enthusiastic volunteers will be happy to tell you more of these boats’ history and operation, and about our work in keeping them sailing for all to enjoy.
You are also welcome to book private charters of a single day or longer – please contact us or see our accommodation listing for details.