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Woad Centre

A farmer’s diversification enterprise, extracting colour from the woad and weld plants. Free dyeing demonstrations at 2pm, exhibition and shop.


Woad has been grown in Europe as a dye source since the Stone Age but production in England declined because of imported indigo from South East Asia and the development of synthetic indigo. Now this ancient craft is having a revival in the heart of Boudicca’s Iceni countryside.

Woad-inc is the trading name of a Norfolk farmer and wife team who have reintroduced woad to the county and processes a form of natural indigo pigment from it. They also grow weld from which they extract a yellow dye.

The Woad Centre houses a presentation on contemporary woad production together with an explanation of the traditional process. It also houses a shop in which Ian and Bernadette have a range of textiles which they have piece dyed, as well as a fine display of garments and homewares commissioned from local artisans using yarn dyed with their plant pigment.

The Woad Centre has a designated room for group workshops, talks and the woad exhibition.
Pigment and textile purchases can also be made on line and over the telephone.

“Thank you so much for the woad talk and dyeing demonstration that you gave our Guild on Saturday. We thoroughly enjoyed it and came away fired up to do more woad dyeing. It is a wonderful diversification and the way you have carried it forward so passionately is a real inspiration to farmers and crafts people alike!”

“Thank you so much for such prompt service. I love each of the items I ordered.”


Free Entry,