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The north Norfolk village of Glandford is about 4 miles north west of Holt in the Glaven Valley. Glandford is very close to the coastal villages of Cley-next-the-Sea, Morston and Blakeney, and within easy drive of the Norfolk Broads and the city of Norwich.


Glandford was key milling village on the River Glaven, with a mill from at least the seventeenth century.
Milling continued until the twentieth century. Although now converted, the mill building is one of only five former mill buildings remaining in the Glaven Valley where there was once 16.
The importance of milling is reflected in the altered course of the River Glaven, which was diverted to form a mill pond.
The church tower provides a focal point for views into and within the Conservation Area. Manor Farmhouse, cottages on Hurdle Lane and the Shell Museum also form local landmarks.
The agricultural fields, the proximity of the coast, particularly the former Glaven Ports, and the River Glaven are important elements in the village’s setting. They reflect its history as part of the agricultural and coastal trade of North Norfolk.