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Horsford is a village six miles north of Norwich, England which is surrounded by the Horsford Forest and is named after the dried up section of the River Hor.


Its population has seen a steady increase since the Second World War, growing from 750 in 1945 to 4,163 at the 2011 Census.

There are various explanations of the village name. It is usually said to derive from ‘horse ford’, but it has also been suggested that it comes from the River Hor on which the village stands (more usually known to locals as ‘the Beck’). A third explanation is that it comes from Horsa, the name of a Saxon chief.

The surrounding Horsford Forest has been designated a County Wildlife Site. The rare silver-studded blue butterfly has a colony in this forest.

The motte of the demolished Horsford Castle lies to the east of the village.