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Topette 10th Anniversary Tour

Culture & Arts
Jun 04, 2024

New band Topette! 10th Anniversary Tour


ON is a brilliant recording, full of atmosphere and the sounds of happy dancers, blending with the music.

In January 2014, Barn Stradling invited his Blowzabella bandmate Andy Cutting, East Anglian fiddler James Delarre and two French musical friends, Tania Buisse and Julien Cartonnet to his home in Bristol, to see what would happen. After three days of playing music, eating, drinking and a great deal of laughter, a new band called Topette!! happened…

The band will be recreating the celebratory atmosphere every night of their 10th Anniversary UK Tour, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience what Topette!! is all about.

The “Balfolk” style of dancing is easy to pick up, very relaxed and a lot of fun, but if you don’t fancy dancing, just sit and enjoy the top quality musicianship from this unique quintet.