A-Z of nature in East Anglia

Work your way through the alphabet and find something that begins with...

What is an A-Z of nature?

Birdwatching in East Anglia

An A-Z of nature is the perfect thing to do on a wander in East Anglia. All you need to do in use you eyes and look around to find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet!

You can do an A-Z anywhere you go and is also great for keeping the kids occupied in the car.

Here is a head start....

Bat spotting in East Anglia

A - Ants

B - Bats

C - Caterpillars

You get the idea?

Where to go in East Anglia for the best nature and wildlife...

Bat spotting in East Anglia

East Anglia is so full of places to see nature and wildlife. Why not try one of the best beaches, or go on a walk in East Anglia?

The best beaches in East Anglia

Our favourite walks in East Anglia

We also have great gardens in Norfolk and Suffolk or maybe visit one of the many nature reserves across the East.

The best gardens in East Anglia

Nature reserves in East Anglia

Why not also become a nature explorer in East Anglia?

Become a nature explorer in East Anglia

With so much coast and countryside in East Anglia, it is the perfect place to explore nature!

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