Ranworth Church Tower

Ranworth church tower has a great view over The Broads if you make it to the top!

The church: St Helen, Ranworth

Ranworth Church Tower
Nickamed "the Cathedral of The Broads" St Helen of Ranworth is open to the public and with a great tower that can be climbed; 89 steps round a winding staircase, 2 ladders and a trap door. 

The view from the top...

Ranworth Church Tower

Is spectcular, much of the Norfolk Broads river system is visible interlaced with boats that weave their way in a constantly changing pattern of light through farmland and marshes that grow traditional Norfolk thatching reed.

On a good day, one can see the impressive wind turbines of the wind farm at West Somerton; Norfolk is one of the windiest places in England.

Must visit nearby...

Ranworth Broad, Norfolk

Follow the road down the left of the church, this will take you to Ranworth village. A village with lots to do - there are walks and boat trips and you can visit the Norfolk Broads Wildlife Centre.

Ranworth village

After your climb, fancy a pub lunch?

The Malsters, Ranworth, Norfolk

Top of your trek up the tower and wander round Ranworth Broad with some local pub grub. Choose a cosy pub and relax into the rest of the day!

Find pubs near Ranworth Broad

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