Dune jumping on East Anglia beaches

The Dunes on East Anglian beaches are lovely to look at but they are much better for jumping!

Dunes in East Anglia

Dune jumping on East Anglia beaches

Many of the beaches in East Anglia have vast swaithes of dunes, lending itself perfectly to lots of dune jumping opportunities for big and small kids alike!

Our top dune beaches are:

Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk

Winterton, Norfolk

Walberswick, Suffolk


How to dune jump!

Dune jumping on East Anglia beaches

Find the right dune for you!

If you havent ever dune jumped before then we suggest to pick a pint sized dune first, just so you can test your technique and build your confidence.

Check the coast is clear

Once you've picked your jumping spot check the ground were you intend to land and also check that you arent about to collide with any unsuspecting dog walkers.

Then there is only one thing left to do...

3...2...1 JUMP!

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