Crabbing in East Anglia

Dont know the best place to go crabbing in East Anglia? Follow our guide for top tips!

What you need...

Crabbing in East Anglia

Very simply all you need is...

1. Crabbing line

2. Bucket

4. Bait

However, you can go really "old school" and go for a walk before your crabbing session to find a stone with a hole in it. When you find your lucky stone, loop some string through the hole and fasten with a knot, then tie you bait (bacon works best) to your line and you are away!

Keep reading for where we think are the best places to sink your line...

Walberswick, Suffolk

Crabbing in East Anglia

Walberswick offers a great selection of crabbing spots. The popular spots are on the back of the beach where a series of tidal creeks wind under bridges and offer a safe place to crab from.

Our favourite spot in Walberswick is slightly less well known. Following Palmers Lane (on the left as you enter Walberswick town) all the way to the River Blyth. You will find a foot bridge, that takes you over to Southwold, with low grassy banks that at high tide offers a great place to cast your line to catch those crabs!

Wells-next-the-sea harbour, Norfolk

Crabbing in East Anglia

The traditional seaside town is a long stading favourite for holiday makers, not just for it's beach and great fish and chips but for it's crabbing!

The harbour (especially at high tide) gets very busy with families competing for crabs! 

Cromer Pier, Norfolk

Crabbing in East Anglia

Cromer Pier, is the more challenging crabbing destination. Not only are you faced with a fair distance to haul your crabs from the sea, up onto the pier, but waves and wind can also make this a harder task.

If you do manage to catch some crabs - give yourself a pat on the back, clearly you are an expert crabber!

Blakeney Quay, Norfolk

Crabbing in East Anglia
The sleepy seaside village of Blakeney has a large quayside which is a great spot for crabbing. There are also several slipways into the water, these offer young children a great space to crab, without the fear of a big drop or deep water.

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