Rock Pooling in East Anglia

Love rock pooling? Discover our top tips for beginners and pro's alike

Where to go rock pooling...

Rock Pooling in East Anglia

The best beaches in Norfolk for rock pooling are

Cromer Sheringham West Runton

At low tide they all offer pools brimming with sea life!

What you need...

Rock Pooling in East Anglia

You really don't need anything more than a net and a bucket! However, a pair of beach shoes help to protect your feet when scrambling on the rocks.

When to go rock pooling...

Rock Pooling in East Anglia

Low tide during late spring through to early autumn give you the best chance of finding crabs, anemonies, shrimps and much more. It also helps to go when the weather is calm and the waters stiller, making it easier to see the sea life underneath.

Check tide times here

What to look for...

Rock Pooling in East Anglia

You can find baby crabs, maybe some grownup ones too, but not big enough to eat for dinner! Winkles, common prawn, starfish and beadlet anemone will also be happily cohabiting with the crabs.

Our expert top tips!

Rock Pooling in East Anglia

Check under the seaweed!

It may be slimy but lots of creatures (especially crabs) like to snooze under the seaweed once the tide is out.

Don't let the critters overheat

Once you have a few sea creatures in your bucket be careful not to leave them in the blazing sun for too long. Take a good look, give them names (like Stefan the crab and Betty the anemone) and then return them to their homes in the rocks.

Head down when the tide is heading out

You will find the most creatures in the rockpools as the tide is going out and exposing the rocks. So, check the tide times and good luck!

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