Coffee in East Anglia

Calling all coffee addicts, fans + enthusiasts

Whether you are a flat white fan or cannot get enough of cold brew, Norfolk and Suffolk have a great selection of coffee roasteries and cafes to enable your daily fix!

Strangers, Norwich

Strangers coffee in Norwich

Speciality coffee is Strangers passion and they been shortlisted for a number of national awards by independent bodies, naming it amongst the top nine speciality coffee shops in the country as well as winning best coffee experience in the UK.

Strangers is currently offering around five different coffees daily from around the world, working closely with some of the top coffee importers and roasting the coffee on site in their roastery. They have the ability and facilities to prepare the coffee in many different ways from espresso to aeropress, showcasing each coffee at its best.

Try Strangers coffee at:

Strangers Coffee House, Norwich

Strangers Roastery, Norwich

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Grey Seal, across north Norfolk

Grey Seal Coffee

Based in beautiful North Norfolk just two miles from the sea. All Grey Seal coffee is hand roasted using beans imported from across the world. Grey Seal beans change seasonally and they always offer a range of origins and flavours.

The Grey Seal base is in the village of Glandford where they roast, assess and experiment with coffee. They have four coffee houses at Blakeney, at Wells next-the-Sea, Cromer and at Sheringham where people can sample their range of coffees and try out different brew methods.

Try Grey Seal coffee at:

Quayside, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

Art Cafe Glandfor, Norfolk

Sheringham, Norfolk

Cromer, Norfolk

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Butterworths & Son, across East Anglia

Butterworths & Son coffee

Suppliers to a smattering of small cafes across the East of England, Butterworth's & Son are a local speciality coffee roastery and tea smiths. Their family history as tea smiths goes back to the 19th century and they are continuing that tradition today. With their roastery located in Bury St Edmunds producing fine coffee from around the world a good place to start is their cafe "Guat's up" in Bury St Edmunds.

Try Butterworth's & Sons coffee at:

Wiveton Hall, Wiveton, Norfolk

Stir, Cambridge

Guat's up, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Honey and Harvey, Woodbridge, Suffolk

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Paddy & Scott's, Suffolk

Paddy and Scott's coffee

From humble beginnings in 2007 where Paddy and Scott started with a two-kilo roaster nicknamed "Old Smokey" to serving over 90,000 cups of the good stuff every single day.

Paddy & Scott's now stock over 150 concessions and with over 50 in the East of England you are spoilt for choice.

Try Paddy & Scott's at:

Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk

Hadleigh, Suffolk

The Ship, Dunwich, Suffolk

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