Cromer Beach, Norfolk

East Anglia Local Produce: Norfolk Crab

Norfolk Brown Crab

Cromer Crab

Crabs come in many shapes and sizes and can be prepared in even more ways, but it’s hard to beat a crab from Cromer, simply served up in a crusty brown-bread sandwich.

Justifiably famous worldwide, and practically required eating in north Norfolk, Cromer crabs are renowned for their sweet, delicate flavour and their higher proportion of white meat to dark. Local hero Delia Smith raves about them; Stephen Fry famously campaigned for them.

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Where to get it

Cromer Crab

First stop - head to Cromer! It is considered the home to Norfolk crab and there are many fishmongers who sell fresh crab every day from their shops or event stalls outside their houses. Be sure to get there early as when in season it sells out fast!

Blakeney and Wells-next-the-sea also both have great fishmongers who stock Norfolk crabs by the dozen. 

Top tip: Cookies, Salthouse

Cley Windmill Norfolk

Whilst you are not paying for the decor, Cookies crab shop is THE place to get a crab sandwich. Made to order you can't go wrong with a crab sandwich, eat in and bring a bottle, or take your sandwich out with a cup of tea, down to one of the local beaches, Salthouse or Cley-next-the-Sea for an unmissable Norfolk foodie experience!

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