Pond Dipping in East Anglia

What do you think you'll catch? Mini-beasts, newts and sticklebacks, go get pond dipping in East Anglia!

The best spots to go pond dipping...

Ranworth Church Tower

East Anglia is full of great spots to go pond dipping. Some of the best like, How Hill Nature reserve, are on the Broads National Park. The RSPB and Norfolk Wildlife Trust also have a great  many nature reserves across East Anglia, often offering guided pond dipping sessions with all the tools you need to catch to amazing minibeasts!

Nature reserves in East Anglia

What you need for pond dipping...

Pond Dipping in East Anglia
The first thing you will need to catch some water mini-beasts is a net, preferably with a long handle. Once youve caught some pond life you will need a shallow tray or light coloured container (washed out ice cream tubs are perfect) to place your catch while you examine it. Other tools that might help are a spoon and magnifing glass for getting a closer look.

How to pond dip!

Pond Dipping in East Anglia

There is definitely more to pond dipping than sticking you net in and seeing what you get! Follow our top tips and guide to getting the best minibeasts...

Approach the water where you want to dip slowly and quietly - you dont want to scare creatures away. Have a good look into the water to see what you might catch and where any creatures might be hiding

Ask an adult to fill your water tray and place it nearby

Once set up slowly and safely lower your net into the water. Move the net under the surface of the water in a figure of eight motion for a few loops then pull your net out of the water to see what you have caught!

How to identify your catch...

Pond Dipping in East Anglia

With everything from pond snails, tadpoles and leeches to pond skaters, water mites and whirlygig beetles you will need something to help you identify them! The RSPB have made a handy identification sheet that is perfect for working out whats what in your catch...

RSPB pond dipping identification sheet

Discover the RSPB Top 5 in East Anglia...

RSPB Nature Trail

Encounter exotic swallowtails at Strumpshaw Fen, get on a boat to Suffolk’s only island, explore nature in a wonderful wildlife garden at Flatford or visit the home of Springwatch to see what the wildlife in our most diverse nature in the UK is up to in the summer.

RSPB Top 5 in East Anglia

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