Go on a scavenger hunt in East Anglia

Go on a scavenger hunt in East Anglia

Where to go scavenging...

Make a Nature Mosaic in East Anglia

East Anglia is brimming with perfect scavenging spots. The stunning Suffolk and Norfolk coastline, Thetford forest and hundreds of miles of walking routes. If in Suffolk we suggest heading to thetford forest, if you fancy Norfolk the coastline we think offers the best chance for finding everything on your list.

What to look for...

Go on a scavinger hunt in East Anglia

We put our heads together and have come up with 40 things to look for while out for a walk in East Anglia...

  1. Wild Flowers
  2. Dead tree
  3. Pine cone
  4. Clover leaf
  5. Moss
  6. Pine tree
  7. Seeds or seed pod
  8. Smooth and shiny rock
  9. Mud
  10. Grain of sand
  11. Fern
  12. Y-shaped twig
  13. Pine needles
  14. Acorn or other nuts
  15. Tree with blossoms
  16. Hole in a tree
  17. Dark or light green leaf
  18. Small pebble
  19. Unusual shaped leaf
  20. Dew on a flower or leaf
  21. Fungus on a tree
  22. Animal tracks
  23. Caterpillar
  24. Squirrel
  25. Bird
  26. Ant
  27. Butterfly or moth
  28. Snail
  29. Beetle
  30. Feather
  31. Ladybug
  32. Spider web
  33. Birds nest
  34. Insects on a tree
  35. Animal hole in the ground
  36. Deer
  37. Frog
  38. Leaf with insect holes
  39. Berries 
  40. Smooth or rough bark on a tree

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