How to skim a stone in Suffolk

Find out where and how to skim stones in Suffolk!

The best spots to skim stones...

How to skim a stone in Suffolk
Most beaches in East Anglia are pretty good for skimming stones but in our opinion Aldeburgh, Dunwich and Shingle street along the Suffolk coast offer the best chance of finding that perfect stone to skim.

What you need...

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The perfect skimming stone is not easy to find but a reletively flat, smooth and circular stone will give you the best chance of getting those skips across the water.

It's easiest to perfect your skimming technique on still, calm water. We think a stone skimming session is best undertaken on an evening walk along the shore of a Suffolk beach, giving you the best chance of encountering still seas.

The technique...

How to skim a stone in Suffolk

There's no denying it, there is a knack to skimming a stone and practice does make perfect, but follow our expect tips to give you a head start!

1. Place your chosen stone firmly between your thumb and first finger.

2. Turn your body side on so you are looking along the shoreline, parallel to the sea.

3. Squat down so as to line you’re head up with the level of the sea.

4. Draw your arm back and with a flicking motion at the wrist thrown your stone along the top of the water.

With any luck your stone will hit the water and happily bounce once, twice maybe even three times along the water’s surface!

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