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Rembrandt: Lightening the Darkness

Norwich Castle, 21 October-7 January

One of the greatest British heroes, Admiral Nelson and his Norfolk roots are celebrated in Nelson and Norfolk. Born in Burnham Thorpe on the North Norfolk coast, and educated at King Edward VI’s Grammar School (less than half a mile from the Castle), Nelson’s rise to national hero is charted through this extraordinary exhibition.

The centrepiece is the Tricolour Ensign of Le Généreux which hasn’t been seen in public for over 100 years. Also at the exhibition is the giant portrait of Nelson painted by William Beechey, the velvet drape from his funeral car, and numerous objects from private collections which have been rarely seen in public. These objects will each act as touchstones to provide an insight into the soul of a complicated individual who led an extraordinary life.

Also this year is Rembrandt: Lightening the Darkness, an exhibition that focuses on the Dutch master’s exquisite use of light and shadow. Curated by Dr Francesca Vanke, Keeper of Fine Art and Curator of Decorative Art and Dr Giorgia Bottinelli, Curator of Historic Art, Norfolk Museums Service, this exploration of how physical and metaphorical light and darkness meet and combine in all Rembrant’s media is a must see for anyone interested in classic European art. Follow the link to find out more about both these events and everything else happening at Norwich Castle Museum.