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New VEE apprentice Jazz to change industry perceptions

Visit East of England has created a new initiative to help change the narrative that many have of the visitor economy: that it is ‘seasonal, low-skilled and low paid’.

We know that’s not the case, and that there are fabulous careers to be had in the sector, with potentially rapid progress for those who work hard and show a willingness to learn, have good interpersonal skills and the right attitude.

We know that if we can help change that narrative then we can attract the best talent into tourism and hospitality.

We know it’s a sector with great social mobility, opportunities for all, lots of entry points and no barriers to getting on.

Through the ESF-funded Visitor Economy Network Initiative, led by West Suffolk College and Visit East of England, we have recruited an apprentice for 18 months whose role will be to help challenge misconceptions that many have about the visitor economy. We want to demonstrate the breadth of careers in the sector. Yes, there’s maybe waiting on tables, washing dishes, cleaning out animal pens or working in the box office – to begin with. But there’s also being a manager, a marketeer, an accountant, a head chef, a conservation officer, an events organiser, and so much more.

Meet Jazz Godfrey

So, we’d like to introduce you to Jasmine (Jazz) Godfrey. Jazz has been a student at West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds since September 2021 and has a Business Level 3 Diploma Predicted Merit and LIBF Level 3 Certificate Predicted C. The apprenticeship forms part of Jazz’s Level 4 work. We’re looking to place Jazz on education days to interested businesses where she can be hands on, work across teams at all levels, and understand why you’re exponents and exemplars of the visitor economy as a great career for all.

‘I’m really looking forward to this exciting role to highlight the amazing careers we have in the visitor economy,’ said Jazz. ‘In just a few weeks working with Visit East of England, I can’t believe the breadth and range of jobs that are available and the chance of climbing the ladder quickly if you’re determined, enthusiastic and want to get on.’

“Over the course of the next 18 months whilst completing my Level 4 Business Improvement Practitioner apprenticeship, I am excited to explore the visitor economy and the many career paths it offers. During this time, I am looking forward to learning about different aspects of businesses and networking with people to build a strong foundation for my future career journey. My goal is to absorb as much knowledge and advice as possible in order to develop my personal, people and project management skills.”

What’s in it for you? Jazz will be producing social media, films and reports on her placements which will be promoted through Visit East of England’s many channels so it will be a great opportunity to highlight your business and demonstrate how you’re changing that narrative of ‘seasonal, low-skilled and low paid’.

We also hope to garner media coverage of Jazz’s 18-month challenge to promote careers in the visitor economy.

Interested? Email Laura Munnings and she can help set up an introductory meeting to discuss how we can work together to each other’s benefit.

Help us change the perception of what we know is a fantastic industry with lots of career opportunities.