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Ark of Noah extends its stay in Ipswich until March 31 2020

Noah’s Ark is the world’s only floating exhibition of Bible stories and has announced it has permission to extend its stay at Ipswich Waterfront at least until 31st March.

Since its arrival in the UK in November, Ark of Noah (known locally as “Noah’s Ark”) has welcomed over 15,000 visitors, with many first-time visitors to Ipswich from as far afield as London, Midlands and the North of England, South Coast and even the Scottish Highlands.

Noah's Ark

Dutch theatre and TV producer Aad Peters brought the huge wooden ship to the UK. He has toured it across Europe since its launch in 2010, sailing into 56 harbours and welcoming more than half a million visitors.  Dozens of master craftspeople enabled Aad to fulfil his creative vision and make it a world-class visitor attraction, with 4 floors of sculpture stories, at the centre of which is the Tree of Life, growing 12 metres up through the middle of the Ark.

The Ark’s recent appearances on ITV, BBC Songs of Praise and BBC Look East generated a surge of bookings, especially from schools and community groups across East Anglia. Local businesses have also benefitted from the increase in footfall on the Waterfront.

Aad Peters said, “It was amazing to see how open-minded and curious British visitors are about the Bible storytelling theme, and how interested they are in the quality of workmanship throughout the Ark. I am happy to be staying longer in Ipswich, we love it here and will consider British people our close friends forever.”

Noah's Ark

The Ark is a half-sized replica of Noah’s original boat and an educational and cultural celebration of many of the Bible’s legendary stories. From Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Goliath and countless more, this quirky, creative, and extraordinary space brings to life the biblical stories through an array of uniquely beautiful wooden carved sculptures and tableaux. Covering 2,000 square metres and 4 floors. No matter what you believe, the Ark creates a talking point for visitors to reflect on and discuss their own experiences.

Aad’s reasons for creating the Ark were simple; “If you know your own stories, it is easier to understand the culture of others.”

Private event or group booking representatives are invited to get in touch with the Ark team to plan their visits.  Telephone 07415 544662 or email

Until 31st March openings times will be: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday – Sunday (open 7 days a week).

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