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HEAD EAST – Behind the scenes with Dominic Buscall at Wild Ken Hill

Hello, my name is Dominic Buscall, the project manager at Wild Ken Hill, a nationally acclaimed land use project, which combines rewilding, regenerative farming and conservation across a coastal farm, to restore nature, fight climate change and provide benefits to local people.


I grew up here in West Norfolk, so although I spent my early career elsewhere working as a management consultant, the area holds a dear place in my heart. It is no surprise to me I have ended up back here managing a portion of this special landscape, doing something with it that I firmly think is the right thing to do given the accelerating climate crisis and breakdown in UK biodiversity.



At Wild Ken Hill, we principally farm and seek to restore nature through a variety of conservation tools. But we’re also proud to run a growing set of sustainable, nature-based, year-round offerings for visitors.

Coming up over the winter and first half of 2023 are our guided tours. Visitors can join a friendly, knowledgeable guide for a walk or vehicle-based tour around the farm, taking in the rewilding area which seeks to restore nature, as well as the adjacent slices of freshwater marsh and nature-rich farmland.


In the rewilding area, you’ll understand the marvellous work done by the wandering grazing species – Exmoor ponies, Tamworth pigs and Red Poll cattle. In line with the seasons your guide will highlight any vivid wildlife on view, be it browsing deer, colourful plants, or peeping songbirds, each benefiting from the return of land to nature. Whilst our nocturnal beavers will most likely be at rest, you’ll see evidence of their inexhaustible efforts to benefit our wetlands.


GATHERING – Be inspired by nature

Another thing to keep an eye out which we started in September 2022, is Gathering a nature festival. Gathering seeks to bring together a variety of writers, authors, speakers and creatives to enthral, entertain and inspire our audiences about the natural world, through vibrant discussion, Q&A, readings, workshops and performances.



Gathering had a brilliant debut year, including some inspirational writers and practitioners from across Norfolk and Suffolk like conservationist Jake Fiennes and farmer and writer Sarah Langford coming to discuss important themes of the day and their connection to landscape, nature, and farming. It was a fabulous day, so do also keep an eye out for future Gatherings and other creative events at Wild Ken Hill.



Away from work, I tend to spend my time enjoying the local outdoors. In particular, I love to swim at Dead Man’s Hole in Burnham Overy or at Snettisham Beach which is West-facing so perfect for taking an evening picnic and a book. I’ve also walked large stretches of the Norfolk coast and my guilty pleasure is cycling the mostly flat, quiet country lanes, where you can really cover some ground. I hope you make it over to also enjoy what this special strip of countryside has to offer.


To find out more about Wilk Ken Hill farm and to book an experience click here.


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