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Take to the Suffolk streets with Walking Stories

Walking Stories is a brand-new project from Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, which invited local people to tell the hidden stories of the place where they live.

The 200-year old theatre has produced eight audio-guided walking-stories, which are available to download from the Theatre Royal website along with an illustrated map to accompany each story.

Once downloaded onto a suitable device, you can set off to Newmarket, Thurston, Hessett, Lavenham or Bury St Edmunds to enjoy your chosen story.

Each one is unique in it’s own right – delivering either a slice of local history, a trip down memory-lane and even a fantastical journey home from school encountering giants, a Toad Prince and a scary Troll!

Please Note: Walking Stories are highly immersive experiences but remember that cars and gravity are both real; take extra care on roads and crossings.

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