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Unexplored views – these will take your breath away

The East of England may be relatively flat… well, compared to Wales and Scotland it is… but that doesn’t mean we don’t have spectacular views. Just take a look at what’s below. And these ones you won’t need crampons and climbing ropes to enjoy…


Newmarket Gallops

Get up early and visit the Newmarket Gallops – you won’t be disappointed. Newmarket is home to 3000 horses and they get taken out for exercise first thing in the morning. And if you’ve never seen lots of horses in the middle of a market town, this is the place for you. Most people on the roads really are driven by horse power!

Discover Newmarket


Hunstanton sunset

Sunny Hunny, as we affectionally call it, is the only east coast resort that faces west, so you get brilliant sunsets. If you have someone gullible with you, tell them the land in front is Holland. There’s always someone who’ll fall for it. It’s actually Lincolnshire, across The Wash.

Visit West Norfolk

Dunwich Heath

Dunwich Heath credit Malcolm Farrow

This is the place for stunning views of the Suffolk coast, with the row of white Coastguard Cottages on the National Trust’s Dunwich Heath and Beach standing sentinel over nearby RSPB Minsmere, star of many BBC Springwatch shows.

Broads National Park

River Thurne. Broads National Park.

If you think you’re going to see the Broads by car, forget it. Roads never get close enough for a decent view of the water and wildlife. Get your walking boots or cycle clips on to get lovely scenery across the 125 miles of navigable waterways.

Visit the Broads

Sheringham Park

Sheringham Park

The National Trust property is on the Cromer Ridge, the highest point in the East of England, so you’re guaranteed great views along the coast. But here’s the thing, walk through the estate and find the viewing tower, climb up that and look left as the cliffs descend to the shingle spit that is Blakeney Point. We defy you not to say, ‘Wow!’

Visit North Norfolk

Mousehold Heath, Norwich

Norwich skyline

Mousehold Heath is the place to be for a gorgeous sunset over Norwich. Only a short distance from the Cathedral Quarter, head up to the heath with a flask and food. Or for a romantic visit perhaps with a bottle of fizz. The view of the Norwich skyline includes: Norwich Cathedral, The Cathedral of St John the Baptist, The Forum, St Peter Mancroft and City Hall.

The picture here says it all.

Visit Norwich

Deal rows in the Brecks

Deal Row, Brecks

Unique to the Brecks, Deal rows are derelict hedgerows that have been allowed t grow out. We think they make the Brecks look like African Savannah. You half expect to see a wandering giraffe or zebra amble by. You’ll also see classic historic heathland, formed thousands of years ago by the felling and burning of forests for grazing land. Look out for Pingoes too. No, not Pingu!

Explore the Brecks

Bickling Hall and estate

The hall from the lake at Blickling Estate, Norfolk.

National Trust-owned, Blickling Hall is worth a visit for lots of differing views. The initial, first look from the road, with the imposing hall at the end of a wide gravel drive. The lovely gardens. And then views from the estate itself, particularly of the lake and hall together. While you’re there, seek out the mausoleum pyramid.

Blickling – A Wonder of Norfolk



Deben Vale and Stour Valley constitute Constable country, where the great artist sought inspiration. Not difficult when the views are so delightful. We’ve chosen a shot of Flatford to inspire you.

Constable Country – Visit Suffolk

Please, before you travel to the East of England, Know Before You Go – ensure places you want to visit are open, see if you have to pre-book. We’ve supplied click-throughs to attractions for you to check.

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